RE-LOAD: Games on Review

In this episode of Re-load: Games on Review, there are three games displayed earlier.

The first one was Snow Defender which was developed by Dwi. It was actually similar to the game Plants vs. Zombies but with slight differences. The story begins where a kid befriends a snowman, but then a snowmonster came and tried to wreck the snowman. So the kid steps up to attack the snowmonster with snowballs to protect his friend. The game has good mechanics and a smooth gameplay. It also gets harder the longer you play it.

The second one was War of Creatures which was developed by Indharto and Susanto. It was about a card game similar to Yu-gi-oh. You can also pick your hero by choice. The hero has elements like range, HP and such. There are also support cards which you can use to battle and get mana.

The third game was Necrolands which was developed by Todo and Yuven. Where you kill ghosts inspired by ghosts in Indonesia. The weapons they use are also some tools in Indonesia that you can use. There are also various modes that you can choose to play and various characters with differents stats to play with. The higher the level, the harder the enemies and the higher your resistances to attacks.

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